Gender: Male
Age: 52
Town: Saint Paul
Country: USA
Smoker: no
Children: i do but they don't live with me
Hair Colour: black
Build: slight
Height: 5'6"-5'8"
Ethnic Origin: asian
Relationship: unspecified
Looking for: both friendship and dating
Service: No. I am a Civilian

Hello... Nyob Zoo... Sawadee krup... Sabi Dee... Ni How... When I meet you in person, I will know if you are the right person. When you touch me, I get the chill then I know you are mine... When you kisses me with passion then I know you are forever... When you mates me... I know you are the perfect one... let see where it take us to the next level. Either you like me or you don't... pretty simple...

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