Gender: Male
Age: 41
Town: Swindon
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: i do but they don't live with me
Hair Colour: light brown
Build: medium
Height: 5'6"-5'8"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: single
Looking for: just dating
Service: RAF
Rank: find out why.
On deployment: find out why.

Here we have available the 1977 Scorpio model of a real man. He comes with many additional features, including the ability to cook, clean, complete DIY tasks expertly and fix the car, and with the promise of a bacon sandwich (and possibly a pint) will carry your shopping bags. From date of manufacture, he was installed with the very rare; honest, chivalrous and trustworthy functions. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with these; they always seem to be in the On position. Due to his age and year, he has had several careless owners, and so is not completely dent free, however, his new owner with a little TLC could repair these. The bodywork has been modified slightly over the years with several tattoos, we feel that these compliment this model and we would recommend additional tattoos to complete the exterior finish. His annual inspection is up to date, with all components working as they should. During the inspection it was found that this particular individual has no interest in football whatsoever, a feature we have not discovered before, hence a future owner will not become a temporary widow on a Saturday afternoon. His chosen career in the military should not be frowned upon; in fact, here at Singlemanbay we feel it is a distinct advantage over his civilian counterparts. Disciplined and punctual, this model is 100% reliable and his training has sculptured his bodywork. Any inspection is welcome; to book a test drive with a view to permanent ownership, please email us. But in all seriousness.... I’m what you might call an “over thinker” – I will analyse everything said to me I like most kinds of music, especially live music. If I win the lottery, I will buy my own island/forest..probably a forest so I can build my own cabin. I work out 3 – 4 times a week. I want more tattoos (current count 10) I want my own business creating bespoke furniture for the home and garden. I abhor animal cruelty. I have 2 rescue cats. I am not ageist. I hit the gym 3-4 times a week, I look after myself and without wishing to sound shallow, it is something I look for in a potential partner.

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